Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's the Next Best Thing to Dumpster Diving?

Trash can diving!
Common Sense with Money recently posted an article on How to Get Multiple Coupon Inserts. One of ways people find extra inserts is to look in the dumpsters! I have personally never done this (although if you're just looking in the newspaper recycling bin, it shouldn't really be gross). But last night it wasn't beyond me to look in the trash cans at my grocery store's self-checkout. (That wasn't gross either; it was just paper.) Look what I found!

A whole pile of catalinas, one of them for a free Sobe water! I always make it a habit to look at all the machines to make sure no one has left any catalinas there, and I have more than once found catalinas for free products. But this was the first time I've ever looked in the trash can! Oh, what has this world of couponing done to me?!


  1. Cool find! I may have to glance in there the next time I am at the store. It amazes me that people throw this stuff away. A lady in front of me yesterday spent $40 on practically nothing (on things that I know there were coupons which would have brought her total down to change).

  2. I'd love to dumpster dive for inserts but I'm a scardy cat! Looks like you scored at the self check out though. I may have to peek next time I'm there.

  3. Wow, MaryEllen! You amaze me! Want to share?

  4. I've done this before too. My kids were with me and I thought they were going to die of embarassment. It's not like I was diving or anything, they were laying on top and I grabbed them. Still, my coolness rating went down with the kiddos :-)

  5. Oh shouldn't have told me this, because now I WILL be doing this, LOL! Oh my stars! It's scary what I will do if an idea is both good and legal! My daughters are going to grow up hating to shop with me if I'm not careful!



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