Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers

Here's how I did on my shopping this week. Be sure to link in below to share your shopping deals for this week!

Kroger trip #1

Total - $68.00
- $52.00 in coupons
I paid - $16.00

( I forgot I had already put my refrigerated stuff away so I also bought 1 gallon of milk, 2 1/2 gallons of Kroger orange juice, and spreadable cream cheese that is not included in the picture above.)

I was so excited to find the strawberries marked down to $.77/package and I was able to buy 9 packages for a total of $6.93. I washed and cut the tops off immediately and here they are ready for the freezer.

Mmmmm, I can't wait for strawberry pies (maybe for Mother's Day!) strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce for waffles, and smoothies!

Kroger trip #2

I made another trip later in the week since they were out of the free toilet paper and Suave deodorant and I had another $5/$45 purchase coupon to use before it expired. I loaded my buggy with mostly free after coupon items and needed something that I could buy to use the $5 from my $ off transaction coupon. Then I remembered the Unilever deal for the free ham and decided I could get about $5 off the price of the ham and still get the full price back from the rebate. Well the register I went to had horrible problems and every coupon I used required an override - needless to say in all the confusion, a few coupons were missed and I paid about $4 more than I should have if all of my coupons had gotten scanned. But I can't complain since after I get my check back from Unilever everything in this transaction will have been free and I will earn about $1.00 total.

Total - $ 62.84
-$47.30 in coupons
I paid - $15.54
I will get a check from Unilever for $16.55 (the price of the ham).

My grocery budget $40.00
I spent $31.54
but will will receive back $16.55 from Unilever making my total spent this week $16.00. So I have some extra for next week to stock up on meat or fresh veggies if I need.

CVS trip

I did make a few other CVS trips since they were out of some things and I realized the limit increased for the Tressemme but here is transaction #1 of the week.

Total 52.10
- $10/50 purchase
- $5/15 Tressemme purchase
- $25.99 in other coupons
I paid - $9.99 in ECB's and $1.75 on my GC
I earned $19.00 in ECB's making this a profit of $7.26 in ECB's

So how did you do this week?
Link in and share your shopping deals of the week!

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  1. excellent deals! i'm so excited for you with the fresh produce you find on sale...i wish our store did like that!



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