Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you save "Box Tops for Education"?

Boxtops for Education

Could you be throwing away money? I hope you have heard about the Box Tops program. On the top of many participating products like cereal, baking mixes, refrigerated bread products, etc. there are "Box Tops". These are worth $.10 each to a school in your area!! I used to be a kindergarten teacher at our local Christian school and Box Tops were always a big hit at our school. We would collect box tops using contests and incentives to motivate the students to bring them in and collect literally 100's of dollars each year!! Check with your child's school to see if they participate. If you don't have a child consider saving them anyways and finding a niece, cousin, or a friend's child that could use them. Many times there are also coupons available at the Box Top site and in their newsletter. So sign up above to get your Box Top newsletter and start saving those Box Tops today!

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