Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Sustenance

My husband preached in church on Wednesday night and I have been thinking about this part of his message all week long. He preached from John 21 where Jesus has appeared to his disciples after His resurrection as they were out fishing and they are eating fish by a campfire.

Here's the background to this passage: The last time Jesus and Peter have seen each other is in John 18 when Peter sees Jesus as he has denies him the third time and Peter hears the cock crow three times. The next time Peter is mentioned in John 21 it begins with Peter stating "I go a fishing" - meaning I am giving up on following Christ because I have failed him and I am going to go back to my old occupation.

Now we come to our passage - John 21:15 - "So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, 'Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?' ..." Many people debate on what the "these" could mean - is Jesus referencing the other disciples and saying do you love me more than they love me? Or is Jesus pointing to the boat, water, and fish and asking Peter do you love me more than your occupation and what you love doing?

So I ask you the same question. Do you love Christ more than _______? and you fill in the blank. It is so easy to get busy with our jobs, home, family, church, coupons, etc. and forget about the One who loves us more than ANYTHING that He was willing to give up His life on the cross to provide salvation for us.

How has the Lord worked in your heart this week? I would love to have you leave a comment or send me an email and share what you have been learning!


  1. Hey, thanks for the Sunday message. My husband and I, along with other friends, handed out free seedlings to our community. We also included the salvation message of Jesus at the well with the Samarian woman and how he offered her the living water that would never make her thirst again. A seed is like that too. It needs water to get it growing. Soil too (that's the nutrition and could symbolize God's word), but water is the power that begins its growth. Once Jesus' living water gives us new life, we sustain it with the nutrients of God's word. It also amazed people that we would give these for free, but salvation is the same. It is a free gift. :)

  2. i usually never comment...but this really touched my heart. God is trying to talk to me through this message....this week ive been going through something extremely rough; almost losing my husband... I prayed to God that i wold give up ANYTHING and work for him as much as i could if you could let him be okay.....saturday he went through something horrible that he almost lost his life but thank the lord he's okay....i still dont have him with me at home...but i know that God is great and he will guide me through whatever his will is....though i must remember to always put the lord first .....not only in the time of need...i just need to focus on creating a greater realtionship with him...instead of getting caught up in petty everydayy stuff...that at the end of it dont REALLY matter....i feel so much better letting all that out.......


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