Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers

Once again I don't have full shopping trips to share with you this week just because there wasn't the greatest deals at the stores and we really are just making doing on our stockpile quite fine. So why spend money when there is no need? That is one of the benefits of stockpiling items when they are super cheap. But here is some of the things I did get...

What I got at Publix: (this sale goes through Tuesday so you still have opportunity to take advantage of their sale - see my post here.)

Total - $16.67
minus coupons - $4.98 (Publix bleach was the penny item!)
I paid - $11.69

The Pam were 1.00 after coupon but I realized later in the week that there was a Publix coupon in the yellow advantage buy flyer that I could have used too along with my manf. coupon reducing my cost for each to $.45!! So I might have to get a few more on my trip on Tuesday.

What I got at CVS:

Total 17.22
minus coupons 8.75
I paid 7.96 in ECB's and .79 on CVS GC
I received back 8.98 in ECB's making this a profit of $.23

Deal alert!!! - look for clearance Huggies wipes at your store - this pack of wipes was 50% off -orginal 6.49 but on clearance for $3.25. I also had a $3.00 manf. coupon and a CVS CRT for $2.00 off making these wipes better than free!!

What about you? Did you get any good deals with your coupons or have any interesting experiences? Link in or leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I would have done better had my hubby not gone with me. he makes me spend more money :(

    At walgreens I got two sets of scrunchies with the 2 dollar rewards. Then the Bertolli meal with a $2 off coupon. My plan was to use the register rewards to pay for it but it wouldn't ring through. The cashier said the $2.00 off reward exceeded the limit and went into tax. My total ended up being $4.11, so I made a joke saying taxes are $2.11?? but Like I said the hub threw thing sin as we walked around.

    At Rite Aid, I got suave shampoo & conditioner for $1 total, Suave lotion for $1.49, ane 2 Carefree pantyliners for free. Again with the hub tossing things in the cart.

    At Target I got a Gerber Nuk bottle for $1.99 with a Gerber $3 off coupon in the mail, and Dry Idea deodarant for free. Yet again with the hubby and the adding things to the pot.


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