Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot deal! Free + $5 profit on 3M Command hooks at CVS!!

I was just alerted to this great deal at CVS this week.

There is an ECB deal this week with Scotch/ 3M products
Buy $15.00 worth and get $5.00 ECB, Limit 1

The metal command hooks are included and are on sale for $2.50 each
Use (6) of these $2.50 printable coupons and get 6 command hooks for free and $5 in ECB's too! Hopefully your store carries these hooks.

Here's how the deal would look:
6 x $2.50 = 15.00
- (6) $2.50 coupons
= $0.00!! (+ tax)
get back $5.00 in ECB's

If your store does not carry the metal hooks, you could still use this $1.50 printable coupon and get 6 of the Command picture hanging strips that are also on sale for $2.50 each for $1.00 total after coupons and ECB's.

Here's how that deal would look:
6 x $2.50 = 15.00
-(6) $1.50 coupons
= $6.00
receive $5.00 back in ECB's
total cost 1.00 for 6 packages of Command Hooks


  1. Tough to get 6 coupons printed, especially for SAHMs who don't have access to work computers.

  2. Warning: I got out my ECB's to pay and they were almost black. PANIC! The manager said they use thermal paper so if you leave thme in your hot car (which I had done) they will turn black. Now they know know me quite well at the few stores I go to so it wasn't a problem, but they did not scan direct. He had to type them in. So take them in the AC with you if you have a store that is difficult.

  3. This is a pdf coupon so you can print as many as you want from one computer. I try to notate if it is a bricks coupon that you would need more than one computer. But I sat at home today and printed 6 coupons! Hope that helps.

  4. I got my 6 packs tonight! I bought the last 4 in one store and the last 2 in another. Don't forget to get rainchecks if your store is out. And don't forget to make sure they notate the $2.50 sale price on the raincheck as well as the $5 ECBs. The regular price is $6.99(!) so if they give you a raincheck for the ECB deal but not the sale price, it won't be a good deal at all!

  5. I just printed mine. Does anyone know when this sale ends? I do not have a CVS anywhere close to me but I am going to see my sister and there are many near her. Hope this sale lasts at least through the weekend.
    Also, to save some ink and just print the $2.50 coupon is zoom in on the coupon so only that coupon and a little on the other side is in the screen view. Go file print and select current view. This will only print that coupon and a little on the side. Saves lots of ink.


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