Sunday, April 5, 2009

Make sure to pick up a few Sunday papers this week - Lots of coupons!

Hope you have gotten at least one copy of the paper today! There are five coupon sections in my local paper (Altanta-metro paper). 2 Smartsource, 1 P & G, and 2 RP (actually one says Unilever and Valassis on it but is from the Redplum company). I picked up another double pack tonight at CVS along with my one copy I get delivered to make sure I will have plenty of these coupons for upcoming sales.


  1. I got one SS and one tiny RP?????? What in the world?

  2. Thank you so MUCH for posting this -- I saw it last night & had forgotten to get a paper yesterday. I would've been so sad to miss out on so many coupons! I was able to get the last two papers in the machine! :)

  3. Hehehe as fellow inhabitant of Atlanta, I'm excited to see that you're actually in the metro area! Maybe I'll run into you at CVS sometime... ;P

    And yeah, I got three papers too... so many coupons! Very fun. :)


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