Saturday, March 26, 2011

3/26 Coupon savings!

So, I have mentioned before that my weekly grocery budget goal is $40 (that includes EVERYTHING from cat food/litter, toilet paper, etc.) except for what I get at CVS/Walgreens/RiteAid (for which I set a $15 monthly budget to pay for tax, etc. but usually don’t spend all of that.) 

I don’t necessarily only spend $40 each week, but rather an average of $40 a week for the entire month.  Because some weeks will be GREAT stock up weeks and I might spend $60 that week.  But then the next week is a slow week and I only spend $20 at Aldi.  But I have been averaging more like $45-50 some months and wanted to challenge myself to stay BELOW my $40 budget and just really strive to save our family more money.  (Since more money is going in the gas tank each week! :(

This week was a great stock up week with the Kroger mega sale but a slow week at Publix.

Here’s how I did:


spent $14.34


The majority of what I bought was free or gave me overage (pasta, dip)

Total: $54.37
- $15.00 mega savings
-$33.75 in coupons
I paid $5.62! :)  ($1.26 of that was tax.)

That is 89% savings!!  Gotta love Kroger mega sales!


The plant is basil.  I wanted some basil for a recipe I will share on Monday, and I could buy a bag of pre-cut for $1.99 or plant that will keep growing more basil (and look pretty on my counter) for $1.99 – EASY decision! :)

Total $40.20
- $26.50 in coupons
I paid $13.70 
-$6.99 rebate for cat litter
Actual cost $6.71

(I will submit for a rebate on the cat litter for $6.99, and I used a $3.00 coupon for it, essentially earning me $3 for buying my favorite cat litter!)

Weekly total:
Shelf price - $108.91
I paid $33.66 + will get back $6.99, making it actually only $26.67!!
Yay for staying UNDER BUDGET this week and still stocking up some great stuff!

How did you do this week?


  1. I am baffled! How do you manage on $40 a week? What about milk, juice, butter and produce?

  2. I usually buy my milk, butter, produce at Aldi. But we don't drink a lot of milk so only buy a gallon every other week. Just bought 1 today at Aldi.

    I recently got 8 packs of butter free with a coupon at Publix but if not would watch sales, use coupons, or get it at Aldi.

    I am going to try to share each week (not only for my readers benefit but to keep me accountable too!) my shopping trips and how much I spent!

    I try to only buy things when they are deep sale and then base what we eat around what was on sale that week.

    Working on a series - planning a menu based on a $40 weekly budget, so be on the lookout for that!


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