Friday, March 4, 2011

Cellfire: $.50- $3 coupon for Kroger shoppers

Cellfire is doing another one of their promotions ( I was able to log right in too, not like all the other times where it took multiple tries!)  You have until 9 PM tonight (EST) to login and find a 50¢ or $3 coupon among all the other coupons.  EVERYONE who logs in, will win a coupon!  You will have to look for it as it will not just pop up all the other times, so just find it and add it to your card.

(You do need to have your Kroger or affiliate card loaded into your cellfire account for the coupon to appear.  Once you save the coupon, the next time you check out at Kroger, you should see 50¢ come off your bill at the end.)


I won 50¢.  How much did you win?  :)

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