Thursday, March 24, 2011

Did you get your FREE sample bag from Target?


I hope you requested the free cosmetic bag full of sample from Target when I posted it a while back!  I got mine in the mail today and was excited to find small, cute cosmetic bag, a full tube of Neutrogena chapstick, little samples, and a $25 booklet of coupons!

I don’t sign up for every little sample out there but the bigger ones or ones that promise coupons, those get my interest! :)


  1. I got mine in the mail Monday. The bag is really cute too! Thanks for always sharing freebies! It's like getting free presents in the mail!

  2. I did....and I LOVE the bag! It's a perfect size for my purse. Awesome freebie.

  3. I requested one but haven't received it. Does arrival date depend on where you live? I live down south.

  4. I just got mine and I love it! It will definitely work for me.


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