Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Décor on a Dime: 10+ ways to decorate your Dollar Store Hurricanes for Spring!

I get asked all the time about my Dollar Store Hurricanes and how I have them decorated for this season! :)  So I figured I would show you my ideas of how to decorate them for spring.  And I might just try to make this a seasonal thing - showing you each season ways you can decorate them or use them to decorate! :)

Learn how to make the Dollar Store Hurricanes here, and see my updated version here.

Here goes!

#1 - Classic and plain

I still love these just with a large pillar candle inside!  (Buy your pillar candles after Christmas on clearance, as low as $0.50 each!)


#2 – Simple and sweet

Fill them with jelly beans or holiday M&M’s!  (Got these jelly beans FREE at CVS a few weeks ago.)

DSC_0724  #3 – Filled with beans or stones

You can fill them with just about anything!  These are large lima beans but you could use any kind of beans or decorative stones!  (I was wishing I had some green split peas because they would be super cute with my placemats!) 


#4 – Simple and natural table arrangement.

Still filled with lima beans and switched candles out to the Dollar Store candles.  I LOVE my new little white pedestal holder that I got from Goodwill and my favorite IKEA plant goes perfect in it.  I really like decorating with a series of “three items” – using my hurricanes on the sides.  Simple and natural.


Same arrangement, but with pillar candles adorned with a jute bow.


Since you probably don’t have my Goodwill white pedestal plant holder – add greenery in any type of bowl.  This is a small trifle bowl that I just stuck some faux greenery in.


#5 – Sweet table arrangement

Back to jelly beans again, but with the Dollar store candles instead of pillars.  And using them as side candles in an arrangement.


#6 – Vase for tulips and lilies

I actually have a set of three hurricanes – the one in the middle is taller because I made it with a larger candlestick that I found at Goodwill.  Simple candles in the outer hurricanes and faux tulips and lilies in the middle wrapped in burlap.  You could do this with any flowers!


#7 – Vase filled with lima bean filler

Tulips/lilies again, but filled the hurricane with lima beans to help support/hide the stems.  I really like this version!


#8 – Moss-filled hurricanes

Back to the dollar store candles and added in some moss also bought from Dollar Tree!  Very natural looking!


#9 – All natural – beans and moss!

This has a very earthly feel to it. Filled the center one again with lima beans (could also use white stones or other beans) with the moss filled ones on the sides.


Another version with pillar candles and greenery in middle.


#10 – Vase for Spring stems

I stole this arrangement off my Spring mantel.  It is made with faux flowers, but if you have trees or bushes blooming – cut off some stems and bring them in!  (I don’t have anything blooming, but I saw a pear tree in my neighbors yard all in bloom – might have to ask if I can “borrow” some stems! :)



#11 – Pink and pretty!

When I see this, I think – Girl baby shower! :)  Wouldn’t these make cute centerpieces? :)  Switched out the outer candles for pink candles and tied a bow on the middle hurricane.


Or you could tie a bow on the candle inside the hurricane. :)


#12 – Wrapped in jute

When you are trying to find a centerpiece – THINK, what do I have that I could re-purpose??  My MIL just gave my this cake plate for my birthday – LOVE IT!  But cake plates aren’t just for cakes – they are perfect for decorating!  Tied a simple jute bow around the candles, added Dollar Tree moss and bird to the cake plate along with eggs bought on clearance for $0.50 last year.  (ALWAYS buy clearance seasonal items AFTER season and save for the next year!)

M&M’s in the hurricanes would be super cute in this arrangement too.


Here it is again with a clear glass cake plate.


And again with no dome.  Switched out the bird with a rabbit (also bought on clearance last year! :)

DSC_0787     #13 – Lots of candles!

You can never have too many candles in my book!  Pottery Barn features table arrangements all the time with different candlesticks filling the table!

I am spoiling my Thrifty Thursday post by sharing this. :)  I got these white ceramic candlesticks at a yard sale a few weeks ago - $5 for the set! :)


#14 – White tree

Browse the yard for the perfect branch, spray paint it white, and use it as a centerpiece! :)  You could then add eggs hung from a ribbon or glue on little spring flowers.  I actually decorated this tree for Valentine’s Day by hanging red heart ornaments on it.


#15 – Hurricanes aren’t just for candles!

Filled the side hurricanes with moss and a couple speckled eggs.


Or switch it up and fill the center hurricane with eggs and put candles in the side hurricanes.


#16 – Natural and on the mantel

I have been showing you all of these ideas on my table, but they can also be used on the mantel or really anywhere!  I had my yard sale white candle sticks right here on the mantel, but put these up to take the picture and now I can’t decide what I like better! :)  (Sneak peak of my spring mantel, full post to come this week!)


So there you go!  16+ ways to fill your hurricanes and use them to decorate around the house!  And I did all of this with stuff I had around the house – you can too! 

So which one is your favorite?  Which one are you going to use?  Or do you have another idea?  Please share in the comments!


  1. nikmbarker@gmail.comMarch 15, 2011 at 1:48 PM

    Nice Job, Christina!! : ) My favs are the jelly beans and lima beans!! LOVE!! The tulips are so pretty too!

  2. I really like them all- My fav for this upcoming season is the Eggs- perfect for Easter!!!

  3. I actually just made some hurricanes myself and they are still sitting empty...love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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